Huplainí»s history
Since our founding in 1998, we have continued to grow and develop and are constantly innovating.


  • 2023
    Initiate aesthetic medical devices and pharmaceutical products to overseas
  • 2022
    Signed an exclusive distributor contract of Guarana Antarctica with Ambev
  • 2019 ~ 2022
    Signed an exclusive distributor contract of Oliveira da Serra brand with Sovena
    Orgio Brand launching
    Member of Korea Health Functional Food Association
    GS, Hyundai, CJ Home Shopping Product launching, Venture business certification (KIBO)
    Expansion, reorganization and business expansion of the E-Commerce team
  • 2015 ~ 2019
    Changed name to HUPLAIN
    Starting health functional food OEM business
    Establishment of a research department and start of development of finished products
  • 2012 ~ 2015
    Built Organic cane sugar processing plant and obtained organic processing certificate
  • 2008 ~ 2012
    Starting Yuzu juice export to Germany
    Signed an exclusive sales contract on Acerola juice concentrate with NICHIREI FOOD in Japan
    Start of organic GOIASA sugar business
    Exclusive Acerola supply agreement with Korea Yakult, Lotte Group
    Signed an exclusive import and sales agency contract for acerola raw materials with Japan's NICHIREI
  • 2005
    Signed an exclusive distributor contract with DUAS RODAS in Brazil and Changed the name of the company as "Duas Rodas Korea"
    Exclusive import sales agency contract with Brazil DUAS RODAS IND
  • 1998
    Established KUSAN TRADING